More than my qualifications as Osteopath, holistic practitioner and certified alternative practitioner in the U.A.E. my vita was formed through people
I have met and places I have experienced.

2004 > Opening my Osteopathy and Holistic Health Practice in Stuttgart
2005 > Worldwide registration of my brand Whitetherapy
2006 > Start of Emotional Release with Dolphins, Wellness & Spa Consulting Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
2007 > Whitetherapy GmbH Science & Sales founded
2008 > Development of the concept frankincense, myrrh and gold due to various visits to the Oman
2009 > Opening the shop & therapy center Whitetherapy in Stuttgart
2010 > Visiting Osteopath and Alternative Practitioner in the First Medical Center, Dubai U.A.E.
  > Consulting Health Wellness & Spa Nitrodi Ischia, Italy
2011 > Development of the cosmetic line - Healing Water Fonte delle Ninfe Nitrodi and Whitetherapy together with Prof. Sollino and Dr. Di Meglio
2012 > Introduction of the new cosmetic products in cooperation with Ischia Spaeh. Visits to the Casa in Abadiania, Brazil
2013 > Wellness Food Workshops Stuttgart
2014 > Wellness Food Trademark Wfood - Gourmet Smoothies, Drinks, Salads and Dishes at Fonte delle Ninfe Nitrodi Ischia, Italy
2015 > Consulting Ramadan Smoothies together with for Fitness 360 Dubai,U.A.E.
  > Health Wellness & Wfood Consulting for Borgo di Carpiano, Umbria and Workshop Wfood San Montano 5 Star, Ischia, Italy